Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can Genital Herpes Only Have One Bump I Have Bumps On Mi Bikini Line. One Pussed Once But Mi Genital Herpes Test Came Back Neg. Is It Hair Bumps?

I have bumps on mi bikini line. One pussed once but mi Genital Herpes test came back neg. Is it hair bumps? - can genital herpes only have one bump

Pussies once. And I get just a child. He's fine. My smear was negative every time they take a pregnancy test and when I submitted in my birth control. I have one years sexually active and a half. I think they are ingrown hairs or razor burn.
However, their contribution would be very grateful.
Thank you.


Steph (all2lonely) said...

If you shave your bikini area, chances are experiencing ingrown hairs. They can easily become infected and irritated, especially when the hair begins to grow. Chops and razor on skin irritation and ingrown. I recommend using Nair or a similar product, or a treatment of wax. Both methods remove the hair from the root with little or no ingrown hairs.

atnjkn31... said...

You've probably already seen and, of course. Let It Grow! If yer man is insulted, is not much of a man, if you yer bathing suit, perhaps you should choose a more modest. This old hippie is not offended by the hair ......... If I can have a beard of 30 years surely grow a bush. It is only natural.

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